The systems, algorithms and practices at Advance Playing Casino


The Casino Lobby exist to ensure total fairness to each and every player. The Random Number Generation system operates at the highest level of encryption and randomness, to ensure fairness without exception. All online games, at every casino, use what is called a Random Number Generator. This is what pulls the cards, rolls the dice, and spins the wheels. A good random number generator is one that generates numbers that are: evenly distributed, and not related to each other in any way unpredictable Because the numbers generated are completely random, both the player and the casino are assured of complete fairness.

For example, if our random number generator were to be biased in any way, players could recognize the bias and use it to their advantage.The systems, algorithms and practices at Advance Playing Casino number generator Virtually any casino game can be turned against the house if the numbers are biased. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the casino to make the random number generator as unbiased as possible.

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