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Through the years, gamers have come up with some mad stories about how the win on the slot machines, whether it’s down the pun, in the casino or more recently – on the web. Check out some of the interesting tips – including those with zero truth!…..

Switching the slot machine

The maddest claim to slot gaming success is the gamers who claim they have won by switching the slot machine off at the plug, and then somehow re-setting it to deliver a winning jackpot! While we don’t doubt that this has resulted in some big payouts, it’s simply coincidence, and all down to timing! What’s more, if you play online slot games, do you really want to turn off your PC to try? Well, I guess it could work so do as you wish!

Playing when the slots are hot

Now, here’s a slot machine concept that actually has some real potential – playing on machines that are paying out nicely. While a slot can instantly become unlucky, there is some thought that slot machines can hit specific patterns of good and bad luck; it’s all down to the nature of random numbers and the software that powers slot games. So – if a game is lucky for you, keep playing while it seems hot. However, don’t be afraid to quit a slot, and don’t get attached to a particular theme or machine (treat them like lovers not life long friends – although you can of course always go back again!).

Over-due slot machines

We’ve all been there – a slot machine hasn’t paid out a good payout for ages, so it must be over due? Well, remember that just like slot games can seemingly hit runs of better than average payouts, they can just as easily hit rocky runs of bad fortune. So – never assume a slot machine is due a win. Of course, there are no rights and wrongs with poland slot machines, so this may be a strategy you want to experiment with.

Playing regularly

There’s no doubt that playing slot machines on a regular basis, with a balanced approach is usually the best way to find good luck; playing randomly can work and you can hit jackpots, but the law of averages favours regular, high volume gamers. Split your slot bank into a low enough spin value to permit hundreds of spins per week or month.

Level staking

Playing slots is a leisure activity, even if you have a high rolling bank. However, it can still ultimately pay to attack the games with some form of logical wagering. The simplest way to wager sensibly is with level stakes (such as always spinning with 0.10, 1.00, 5.00 – essentially whatever your bankroll and budget permit). In addition, it makes sense to game with a small percentage of your bank – such as 0.5 or 1%; this makes losing runs much easier to take without chasing losses which is the ultimate ‘slot no no’.

Top online slot tips slot machines

Apart from the tips on this page – stay lucky!

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